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Buying cheaper flag paving

If you're thinking of laying your own paving then you might be tempted to just jump right in and order some cheap paving stones online. However, a little planning is really required first in order to ensure that you buy the right product. Buying the right sort of paving is the first step to getting the great looking result that you're after whether it's for your garden, driveway or patio. There are many kinds of paving available nowadays, but rather than select something simply because you like the look of it you should first make sure it is suitable for the job. To help you select the best possible paving for your requirements here are a few paving tips & advice to set you down the right path.

For driveways, most only require 50mm block paving as most people only use cars on them and are of a simple drive on, reverse off design. However, if you have any particularly heavy vehicles on your driveway, you may need to consider 60mm or even 80mm blocks instead. You should also consider 60mm if your drive layout means you will be making lots of turns as this could cause thin blocks to twist and move. If you want to have flags on your driveway, make sure they are designed for this. This is because thin patio flags won't take long to break. Most paving flags can be laid on the same sub base design as block paving. Where uneven natural stone flags are used, it is highly recommended you lay them on a full mortar bed. Once installed on a driveway you can use it immediately and it is pretty much maintenance free except for brushing and pulling the odd weed if you get any dirt build up in the joints.

A number of sites, such as this paving site, also offer "how to" guides on laying paving with step-by-step instructions. Paying some attention to these - even before you order your paving - will also help you to make sure that you are confident in your ability to lay the paving correctly. Even just taking this small step could save you a lot of wasted money in the long term.

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